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  1. I got the 64gb and upgraded the internal SSD to 256. It was super simple even for me. I also have a 1tb card for Steam, DRM free and Epic/GOG with a 512 for Emulation. My 256 internal is used purely for cache, app installs, etc and the odd game I want access to no matter what card is in. At the moment that is Grindstone
  2. Looks lovely in real life.
  3. Dumb question time. Do you unlock the original levels? If so where are they?
  4. Kabaddi 23 Indie based Kabaddi game using 2D sprites from a top down view. Compete in tournaments and start a career all over India. Retro International Soccer I re-imagining on the 90's based football games, but using the art style from Octopath Traveller / Triangle Strategy, no license or anything Super Playground Games An online multiplayer game with simplified 16bit graphics, with a ton of events based of popular school days games... Off Ground Touch, Tag/It, British Bulldog, Football with a tennis ball (with random next goal wins in some games), etc
  5. If anyone is interested or cares... I made a tutorial on how to get your DRM Free games onto the Steam Deck. Including touching on WinSCP and AnyDesk for easy control and management.
  6. Shudder is brilliant by the way
  7. Been struggling to get Beef Nissin Demae Ramen for a while from my local chinese market. I have been getting the ones from Tesco and I swear they taste different. So assuming the exported ones are slightly different to the asian ones. Anyway... pack or that, with pork belly, friend egg and seseme seeds is my comfort food.
  8. Right... I didn't know Remote PLay Anywhere was a thing. Does that work with Steam Deck also? Could I technically Install a game like A Plague Tale on my main PC and play it streamed to the Steam Deck whilst at the coffee shop? It seems to suggest you can do that on mobile/tablet, but doesn't specifically mention Steam Deck Edit: Just tested using my phone Wifi for the a hotspot on the Steam Deck and managed to Stream Elden Ring.
  9. But sport does have accessibility options. Making it easier for those with needs to gain access they otherwise wouldn't be able to.
  10. If you already own it on Steam then yes. Not sure about the EGS version through Heroic. The vital thing in the proton easy anti cheat needs to be installed.
  11. This is something that MUST change, the attitude toward accessibility in games. Laura K Dale is a huge supporter of this.
  12. The Mario games with the 'Let Luigi show you' and 'Let us do it for you' are great. Especially for disabled and neuro-diverse people. You could be enjoying a game and then get stuck at a certain point because of your disability (physical or mental) so the option to get help is very welcome. Any game that has diifculty options should allow you to switch betweenm them at will. Because if you want people to play your game and see it through to the end. Then give them a chanced. If some want to turn that off, then have it as part of an accessibility options when you first boot the game. For example: 1. Turn Game on 2. First boot: Do you want to start with accessibilty opions - Yes | No* 2*: If No start the game with devs default settings 3. If yes get a menu with the following: (Defaults marked **) VISUAL OPTIONS Text Side: Samll / Med / Large** Text Backgrounds: On**/Off Text Background Mode: Dark Mode**/Light Mode etc SOUND OPTIONS Text to speech: On** / Off Visual Sound cues: On** / Off Haptic Sound cues: On** / Off etc GAME OPTIONS No of Lives: default** / custom / infinite Boss Encounters: Default** / Guided / Skip Skill Tree: Manual** / Guided / Automatic / Dynamic etc START GAME With these settings: Yess** / No Every single game should have these types of options. So that those who don't need them can just start defaultg and those who do, don't need to hunt for them. Make that 'Press A to Start' screen worth something.
  13. Bundle on fanatical https://www.fanatical.com/en/pick-and-mix/build-your-own-play-on-the-go-bundle?utm_source=Fanatical Newsletter&utm_campaign=Build your own Play on the Go Bundle - June 22&utm_medium=email
  14. Yeah I had a few already, but a good number still to add. Now up to 352 DRM-free games. That is staggering. I take it the 'big ticket' items are later? Shame they will be Origin.
  15. Nope, install on PC, drag them to a folder of your choosing on the Steam Deck and add to Steam as a non-steam game. Edit: @RyI'll do a tutorial video of the process if you want.
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