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  1. swander87


    if capone adam doesnt shave his headi will unsubscribe
  2. GAME offered me £12.99 to take Red Steel last week
  3. swander87


    some fucking paedo phoned into virgin yesterday talking about some podcast or other
  4. At the risk of sounding too harsh, hopefully it won't take eight months for you to realise that saying that you is a bit wanky itself...? I'd like to think games journalism is no different to music or film journalism; there are plenty of people can write adequately, but it's about having encyclopaedic knowledge, an ability to cross-reference everything and see the broader picture of the whole scene, that sets you apart from a say-what-you-see critic to must-read reviewer. That is to say, pretty much anyone could do it to a certain standard, but to be really good is pretty hard. Listening to Shane on 1up Yours, when a few of them are desperately trying to recall some twenty-year-old game that's inspired a trailer, and he cuts in to coolly list its metacritic score, boxart illustrator etc. is impressive to me. But then you hear a whole roundtable asking about whether or not the new lightsabre wii game uses 1:1 and they all just go "duuuuuuuh, dunno" and you remember that they're all just nerdy cunts that write rather than proper journalists anyway.
  5. Good game, Willy. Wouldn't be so sure about Federer though, I've been thrashed enough times by Borgs etc online! Count me in for the tour, for sure.
  6. all journalism is a piece of piss, obviously
  7. Swander 6 - 0 Scratch good grace, messages...not the XBL service i thought i was signing up for. very disturbing.
  8. safe! I'm free pretty much anytime Kramer so just lemme know. GT: swander87, funnily enough
  9. noooooooooooooooo i just got this today and it's so awesome
  10. They wanted £50 for GTA on the 360, the jokers.
  11. swander87


    I'M 18 SHE'S 30 i eagerly anticipate the new joypod in the absence of OLL and the continuing shitification of 1UY i reckon you may well have the best gamer podcast around
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