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  1. layten


    Back at a venue for this one.
  2. layten


    Sunday. https://gamesdonequick.com/schedule
  3. Petition: Rename Japan to Nintendo Land.
  4. There was the racist and ableist outburst, but those were the same incident. Apart from that he has kept a lid on things barring the odd physical alteration and f-word rant.
  5. Not played for a few weeks, come back and MORE HILDIBRAND! It's as good as ever so far.
  6. I have it on my desk mounted on a Ergotron HX arm (I could put it in tate mode if I wanted!). It's about 80cm away. You get used to it quicker than you would think.
  7. I bought a 55" C9 back when that was LG's latest and greatest. Works superbly with my (current) only console, the Nintendo Switch. Although, back in December I replaced my gaming monitor (the first to market 27" 144Hz IPS GSync display) with a 48" LG C1 as the promise of proper HDR along with 120Hz 4K VRR support was too much to resist, and dedicated PC HDR displays are pretty much 99% garbage.
  8. https://www.autosport.com/f1/news/mercedes-claims-its-f1-car-porpoising-issue-is-now-solved/10325916/
  9. I'm not sure this was part of el plan.
  10. Here's some shit shaky cam footage.
  11. Silverstone should be another good track for Mercedes given it's now nice and smooth.
  12. Still plenty of laps for Sainz to bin it.
  13. Bono my fastest lap.
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