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  1. 3 months of Gold converts to 50 days of Ultimate.
  2. You do know it's not proper scan lines right?
  3. Make an easy achievement game and make money!
  4. Exactly. And they've not mentioned fixing the appalling emulation.
  5. Judging by the game descriptions containing multiple languages we're getting the PAL versions. Glad I didn't bother buying any subs beforehand.
  6. I think the MCU peaked with Avengers and nothing will ever come close. This was pretty boring with no real feel of danger and what was with all the zooms!
  7. Not all 4K cables are HDMI 2.1.
  8. Odd, it never happens with my Series X and LG CX. I can turn it on and then the TV or the other way around and it's always 4k.
  9. I gave up waiting and got a PureTools eARC Audio Adapter to extract the eARC audio from my LG and send it to my amp.
  10. I'm sure if they do they'll end up losing even more subscribers and revert the idea.
  11. Which is why I went from plasma to OLED and not LED.
  12. Twice. First for a 65" LG C8 (4K, HDR) which I then upgraded to a 65" LG CX (Dolby Vision, VRR).
  13. It'll be set over the entire world in realtime like MS Flight Sim.
  14. Network settings > Go offline.
  15. Did you try actually taking it offline?
  16. Didn't we have a forum member actually make something that split the analogue signal into 2 or 4 outputs many, many years ago?
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