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  1. I'm curious how it feels on a pad now that @p1nseeker mentioned it. Gonna give this a try as well.
  2. @Amereto, @Erik... have you got a clip of the incident for the forum (wannabe) marshals?
  3. I call it 'doing a Max Verstappen'. New word for my vocabulary! Had to look it up:
  4. Well I guess you're both right, making it mandatory might be forcing it a bit too much. How about advising it instead?
  5. That's inexcusable really. He nearly took 2 cars out with that move. Good awareness from @milko, avoiding a collision. Edit: We need to get everyone in voice chat really. Make it mandatory for joining our league.
  6. Never been to Florida but I'll take your word for it. And today it's 20°C again and rain.
  7. Bro hug time then! Thanks for the kind words and indeed, that makes this league so good. It's incredible that I managed to get a decent pace at all in the beginning, considering my hot work day. The loft was also steaming hot after a while, even with 2 fans next to me and the Velux© window wide open. Desktop PCs generate a lot more heat than laptops!
  8. I slipped past the first lap fuckery as well and got P7. I managed to keep up with Dave, but Cillian and Yannick were breathing down my neck. I was a bit knackered from working in protective clothing all day (in 30°C conditions) so I lost my focus later on in the race and drove all by myself after my pit stop. The bang made me jump out of my seat, I didn't expect it at all. Thought I didn't do anything out of the ordinary (such as braking too soon or moving under braking) and the replay showed I didn't (which was my worry at first). I thought it was a divebomb but looks like a racing incident looking at that clip. Unfortunate mate, it's just one of those things. You were faster than me, so you deserved that pass. Sorry for holding you up for that long. It's really tight now for the podium, @SneakyNinja! Can't catch @milko anymore (Unless he scores no points and I finish 4th or higher, so slim chance).
  9. Oh man, 2 guys ill! Get well soon chaps. It's 32°C here in these Dutch swamps. It's steaming hot up in our loft. Need to get the fans handy!
  10. Ah that's great! Thanks for the clarification.
  11. Man, those times are toight. Tomorrow's going to be epic! Don't forget to register!
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