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  1. Yeah I'm relatively new to Fortnite (only started 2/3 months ago) and I hate build mode. Getting the jump on someone only to watch them cocoon themselves in a ridiculous tower that stretches up to the moon just isn't fun to me, I find the whole building aspect just kind of silly and irritating really. Much prefer having to properly utilise cover and landscape.
  2. Majora

    Fall Guys

    I haven't played Fall Guys yet but I recently played Fortnite on Switch at my partner's house after getting used to playing it on my PS5 and it was just awful. Blurry, terrible frame-rate, nearly impossible to aim, could barely see anything at night. I can normally hold my own pretty well but I was ending matches with 0 kills and barely any player damage. It felt like playing on Switch was the most enormous handicap. I can't imagine ever playing any of these cross-play online games on Switch unless pretty much forced to. Between the frame rate and the blurrier picture you really are at a massive disadvantage.
  3. This is really slooooooow. I appreciate that they're establishing characters and relationships but at the start of chapter 3 I've been playing for several hours and it feels like practically nothing important has happened. The character building is actually pretty decent and I'm enjoying it but I also feel like I'm Milhouse waiting for Itchy and Scratchy to get to the fireworks factory. Not even just because of lack of action so much as lack of meaningful choice/interactions so far. Also this old woman moaning I never find any tarot cards They seem way harder to find than the Until Dawn equivalent.
  4. Resetera seemed very enthusiastic about Omori being added but I can't say I've ever heard of it. I blind downloaded it anyway just based on the positivity I saw.
  5. That's a good heads-up, I got halfway through The Last Stop and then, erm, stopped. Wouldn't mind seeing that through although I'll probably have to restart it as I've forgotten most of it
  6. I'm not arguing the animation is better on a technical level in the original. The new version is clearly more fluid and more overtly expressive. But I think the emotion conveyed in the original is more interesting, more complex. As you say, Tess looks exhausted in the remake but I don't get much more from her face behind exhaustion and sadness. Was that the intent? Why did they remove that almost-smirk at the start of the clip? Because I watch the original and despite the fact her face barely moves in comparison, I see her go through a range of emotions in her eyes that is greater than just sad and exhausted. There is a steel and defiance to some of Tess's expressions in the original that is practically absent in the remake where she looks like she's just given up.
  7. For me it's another example of the new model being technically better and the animation being technically more fluid and yet preferring the performance in the original. I watch the original and I feel like I can see Tess run an absolute gamut of emotions in six seconds as she grapples with the weight of her decision. It really feels like watching sometime trying to process their emotions in real time. She goes from a kind of defiant smirk right through fear, sadness, resignation and then finally a steely grit and determination. It's a brilliant bit of animation. The new performance...as fluid and high fidelity as it is, it doesn't have that same richness and complexity to it for me. It has fewer notes. It's mostly just a kind of weary sadness. Nothing to do with her being less hot or older or whatever. I just don't think it's as good as giving an insight into the rollercoaster going on in Tess's head at that moment. I'm fascinated to see the very final scene in the game now. That's a scene which hinges almost entirely upon the expression in a character's eyes. You change the expression even just a bit and you risk upsetting the whole balance of the scene and the implications of the ending.
  8. I've only played up to the start of chapter 2 but it feels much rougher, technically, than Until Dawn unless I have some major rose tinted glasses on. I remember Until Dawn being more polished, this feels a bit glitchy/janky and like it needed a few more months of polish.
  9. If you have Xbox, CDKeys have 7 for £7, 2 for £11 and 3 for £15. Just bought 7 as it's left Gamepass and weighing up 2. Not really interested in playing 3 again I have to admit.
  10. Exoprimal looks like the kind of game Capcom were releasing in the 360/PS3 era which isn't really a compliment.
  11. I don't see why you would want stylistic coherence when you have about 30 different development studios. I want diversity, I want their output to feel unique. I like that one studio can be making Pentiment while another is making Minecraft while another is making Redfall while another is making Psychonauts 2. Homogenising everything under one kind of Sony third person action adventure house style sounds boring as fuck. But that's both Microsoft's strength and their weakness. You'd never see Sony funding half the stuff Microsoft does these days. They've became way too conservative and wedded to prestige blockbusters. But the range of stuff Microsoft backs means that you're far less likely to find it all compelling whereas if you like Sony's house style then you'll probably love the majority of their output.
  12. These examples are absolutely ancient at this point. I don't think anyone would disagree their First Party management went through a really bad patch but none of what you've mentioned seems to have much relevance to post-billions of dollars of acquisitions Microsoft except maybe 343. It's also really insulting to Rare to say MS 'stuck' them on Sea of Thieves. It's been a huge success, seemed to be a passion project for them, and Rare have since been given the freedom to do something like Everwild (which also seems years out but that's another issue entirely). Just because Sea of Thieves isn't the type of game many seem to want from Rare doesn't mean it's something they've been 'stuck on' by MS.
  13. I feel like people have been saying 2023 will be the year we really start seeing the fruits of Microsoft's acquisitions for ages now, and that certainly seems to be the case. Redfall, Forza and Starfield in the first half of 2023 alone is a pretty strong line-up. It's not like Sony are immune to showing things way too far in advance either. God of War may just about sneak into 2022 when it was basically presented as a launch window title before PS5's launch and we've been given trailers for the next Spiderman and Wolverine games when they appear to be years out. 2022 is a rough year for first party titles for Xbox, no doubt about that. It does feel like it should get markedly better from next year though.
  14. It didn't really answer the questions I wanted answered, like 'will you be able to approach quests in ways that don't involve shooting this time?', 'does it have actual skill checks?' or 'does this have proper conversation trees and not 4 dialogue options that are all the same thing phrased slightly differently?' The things they focused on in the presentation (shooting, base building and ship building) didn't give me any hope that this isn't going to be Fallout 4 all over again.
  15. I think The Last Case of Benedict Fox and Pentiment were probably the most interesting looking things there for me. Pentiment in particular looks like a game that would really really struggle to get greenlit if it wasn't part of the Gamepass model.
  16. I thought the conference was fine. There were no big surprises and Starfield looked rough/very 'Fallout 4 in space' but if I'm looking at it purely on the basis of how many of those games I'm interested in trying on Gamepass in the next 12 months, the number is pretty high.
  17. It's odd, my Series X worked completely fine all of last night. I was playing The Quarry and using the rewards app and store even while reading about other people having problems even loading a game. I don't really understand why Live going down affects some people but not others.
  18. I really can't see them making a Prey 2. The first one was an absolutely spectacular commercial failure. I know there's an argument that Gamepass means there is more room for niche games that don't need to sell millions and millions to be worth investing in but ultimately if a game has the budget of a Prey they still want to produce games that might move the subscriber needle a little. Prey 2 would do next to nothing in terms of consumer interest, subscriber numbers or pretty much any metric you might care to think of
  19. Physical copy is £48 at base.com which is a lot more palatable for such a relatively short game, and one I'm pretty much guaranteed to sell once I'm done too. Digital prices for new releases are such a joke.
  20. Jeff Grub seems pretty certain that Fable isn't being shown on Sunday. Not heard any cancellation rumours though? Just sounded like it was coming along slowly.
  21. If I saw a lot of these comparisons blind, I would honestly struggle to tell you which one was 'better'. I don't think most of the new shots look better so much as they just look a bit different. The only one I thought was obvious was the comparison of the clickers. Love both Last of Us games but I did expect a bit more from Naughty Dog here I have to admit. Can't see myself paying full price for this.
  22. I don't really get the point of the balls in the new season and given how few people I've seen using them I'm not sure anyone else does either really. They're decent enough to outrun the storm I guess but wolves and boars are everywhere now and I'd rather just use them.
  23. Just got back from seeing this. It's very much like Annihilation in that it starts off with a fairly concrete, grounded story and then slowly drifts away into very surreal, dreamlike imagery and metaphors that are certainly striking but might leave some feeling frustrated. It definitely had its fair share of tense, well directed sequences but in the end I don't really think there's an awful lot more to it than you could have surmised from just watching the second trailer. That really does kind of give most of it away and there's not much more meat on the bones beyond that.
  24. It looks awful. Drab art style and empty, sterile environments. It doesn't look like there's any meat on the bones there at all, just wandering around aimlessly until you find another rail to grind on or bouncepad to jump off. Everything about it screams 'we want to do Sonic open world with clear BOTW influences' but they had no clue how to meld a fast paced platformer with a laid back open world action adventure. I'm sure there must be more to it than that video but that felt like 5 minutes of janky triviality.
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