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The Godfather II


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I'm sorry if there is already a thread for this game. I could have sworn that there was but I used the google search and couldn't come up with it.

I bought the PS3 version this afternoon. I was intending to buy it a month or so ago but when I asked about it at the shop, I was told it was delayed. Today I went in looking to buy just about anything, probably Wheelman, and saw this behind the counter. Like most people I'm a fan of the Godfather films, and my memory of the first game was pretty positive. I remember liking the slightly Fight Night influenced shooting, and generally getting a kick out of the setting etc.

I'm not sure if so much has changed, but I'm generally not impressed with The Godfather II so far. First of all, they don't seem to have done much of a job of capturing a sense of time. The guard wearing body armour at the beginning of the game is a good example.The idea to have the tutorial be an escape from Cuba (a spin off of the New Years Eve scene from the movie) was a good one, but it is pulled off with much less energy and is far less exciting than even the played-for-laughs escape from the jail in Saints Row 2! There doesn't seem to be much period music, and it seems the developers didn't have much of a clue as to late 50s early 60s fashion. I was hoping this game would be really 'swingin' but they haven't caught that vibe at all so far. It seems like they would have rather, or started to, make a modern day game, then changed their mind.

Everything from the first game is in there, the Everything or Nothing style shooting system, the Fight Nighty ways to beat on people, but it's all less enjoyable than I remember. The game world seems far reduced from the first game, and yet pop in and the like is just as / more prevelant. What happened there? The graphics haven't really had any major boost from the first game, which looked ok at the time, but not in this day and age. Performance is not perfect either.

Some people might like the new stuff that is added. I liked some of the intimidation stuff in the first game. But in this one, it weirdly seems that more options have been added, but more freedom has been taken away. There are less stores to harass so far, only specific ones are available. The world doesn't seem to be as open as before, not helped by its reduction in size. I suppose they think they are making up for this with the fact that there are eventually 3 cities available. However, if they are all the same size, I'm not sure there's much point there. New York, Miama and Cuba are all featured in the movie. But a huge chunk takes place at Lake Tahoe or New York of the past. I think it would have been more interesting to just update and make two New Yorks, one from the 20s and one from the 60s. Or spin out in a totally different direction from the movie and have it take place in Vegas or something.

So far, while playable, I'm getting the feeling it might be a wee bit of a mess. There seems to be a few different cooks at work pulling the game in two different directions. It also has a few signs of not being finished. Nothing works as well as it should. All the don features are a little clumsy. The car radio doesn't always work. You seem to be getting too many things to do, while at the same time the story seems to disappear. So perhaps it will fall into place with a few more hours play, but those are my first impressions.

Has anyone else bought this yet?

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I've been to all three locals now, and I suppoise with the new management side, they are big enough to keep track of what's going on. However, Miami is by far the biggest, Cuba and New York are tiny by comparison. I don't agree with Kitten that it feels more like The Godfather, I got that feeling a bit from the original but not this. I do like the added management stuff, even when it's a pain it's a more interesting gameplay mechanic, but every section of the game is exactly the same. I mean, there are very few set pieces and if you go at the game like it recommends, wiping out each rival family, you'll experience little more than a bunch of identically played shoot outs in similar locations. It's weird that it deviates a lot from the movie story line but not enough to take the game in an interesting direction. I can't shake the shoddy feeling, even though I've been playing it pretty constantly for the past few days.

So far, without having completed it but with the feeling I'm getting close, I'd retract my previous statement that the game is close to a fiasco, it's playable and somewhat enjoyable but a waste of a license and surely the end of the Godfather series of games. There is an online element I never mentioned, I played it for a bit and don't really get it, it's about levelling up your goons. It didn't seem like much fun and the only other person I know who has the game is WickedKitten who I suppose has it for the Xbox, so there's not much community playing. Anyway, there is maybe 20 or so hours gameplay here, so value for money is certainly present, but it feels to me like I'm testing a game later to be fully developed. Anyone else played it yet?

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I bought this on a whim when it came out (had a lot of store credit...) and I finished it at the weekend. It's far from spectacular but it kept me playing, something that most B-level games fail to do. I think I stuck at it because it's a fundamentally-OK GTA clone with minimal frustration. It's very easy, missions are short, the cities are small, taking over each city is fairly compelling (well, it was to me) and it's always clear what you need to do to advance things. It would be a good bargain bin buy or rental, I guess.

Re: robbing places you've taken over...You earn money or information about opposition made men by doing favours. Those favours sometimes involve robbery, bombing a business or smashing it up. Even if you own the business in question, you need to do it to earn the reward for the favour. Yep, it felt pretty odd to be doing that. I think you can also just crack safes in businesses you own and take the money without doing yourself any harm - I doubt the game is smart enough to take any money you steal off the week's takings.

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Wow not much going on in this thread was there?

I borrowed this off a guy I work with and, well, it's a bit shit so far.

I'm told to go take over a rival gang's business, which I do. Once there, guys with guns show up. Fair enough, they're protecting their turf. I kill them and then the police show up and immediately start firing at me. I shoot one and get an immediate 4 star wanted level. Swat guys show up and I get gunned down. I've been playing for about 20 minutes at this point.

Also, the guy turns sooooo sloooowllllyyyy even with sensitivity turned all the way up.

So yeah. It's made me look forward to Mafia 2 even more, now.

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